About Lake Ontario

About Lake Ontario
A literal inland sea, Lake Ontario's environs include Canada's greatest city, lovely countryside and one of North America's most famous natural attractions. Its waters also offer numerous opportunities for all kinds of boat-based activities.


Lake Ontario is the eastern-most of the Great Lakes. It is sandwiched between the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of New York.


It is the smallest of the Great Lakes in terms of surface area at 7,340 square miles. It is 53 miles wide and 193 miles long.

In and Out

Lake Erie connects to Ontario over the Niagara Falls in the west and drains into the St. Lawrence Waterway in the east.

Depth and Volume

The average depth of the lake is 283 feet, and it is 802 feet at its deepest. It holds 393 cubic miles of water.


Although Canada's largest city, Toronto, sits on the banks of Lake Ontario, much of the coastline, especially on the American side, remains rural or undeveloped.


Popular activities on the lake include sailing, boating, fishing, canoeing, water skiing and swimming. Both sides of the lake have a number of resorts with beaches and marina facilities.

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