About Saltwater Fishing Jigs

About Saltwater Fishing JigsSaltwater fishing jigs catch fish. Their small profile accurately imitates baitfish. Jigs can be presented to fish in any saltwater environment. Whether you choose bucktail jigs or soft plastics on jig heads, you will improve your fishing results by adding jigs to your tackle box.

Bouncing Bottom

Fish spend 90 percent of their lives near the bottom. Saltwater jigs can be bounced off the bottom and look like an easy meal. When hopping your jig off the bottom, stay in contact with it as it falls. Most fish hit the jig as it drops.


Around Structure

Saltwater fish hide in rocks and around pilings. Light jigs can get into those spots without getting snagged.

Swim Them

When fish are feeding at the surface, jigs can be retrieved just a few inches below the surface. A quick, jerky retrieve mimics the movement of fleeing baitfish.

Bucktail Jigs

The bucktail jig is made of deerhair tied to a leadhead. Bucktail jigs are so versatile that the U.S. Navy includes a bucktail in their survival kits.

Soft Plastic

Jigheads dressed with soft plastic bodies or Gulp baits are deadly for any species that swims. Tuna, striped bass, bluefish, flounder and every other sport fish love soft plastic jigs.

Diamond Jigs

Diamond jigs are four-sided metal jigs with a single hook attached. Diamond jigs are perfect for catching sharp-toothed fish.

Article Written By Stephen Byrne

Stephen Byrne is a freelance writer with published articles in "Nor'East Saltwater," "Sportfishing" magazine, "Pacific Coast Sportfishing" and "Salt Water Sportsman." As a fishing charter captain, he was also interviewed for a feature in "Field and Stream." Byrne studied environmental science at the State University of New York at Delhi.

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