Why Is Methane Used to Cook Food When Camping?

Why Is Methane Used to Cook Food When Camping?
Though methane gas has become outmoded in recent years as a camp stove fuel in favor of more efficient and refined fuels (such as methanol, propane and butane), the gas used to be a common cooking fuel for backpacking chefs for a number of reasons.

Low Residue

Burning methane produces only carbon dioxide and water, so a methane-powered camp stove is safer for campers to use than wood,which leaves a residue of hot ash that needs to be carefully extinguished.


Fire Starter

Used with great care and in practiced hands, methane's usefulness as a cooking fuel for camping isn't relegated to the realm of camp stoves. The gas can be used to start a campfire for larger-scale cooking.

Easily Available

Methane gas is abundant in nature and easy to make, either in the laboratory or processed from waste biomass, so it's an inexpensive source of energy for cooking, including for budget-conscious campers.


Eco-friendly campers may be interested to know that using methane isn't very "green." In fact, it's a powerful greenhouse gas with a relatively significant global-warming footprint. Methane gas is has been shown to adversely affect the ozone layer.


Article Written By Annette O'Neil

Annette O'Neil graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in cinema, global communication and geology. A writer for more than a decade, O'Neil has written copy, content and editorial articles for hundreds of clients and publications, including Yoga Awakening Africa and Whole Life Times.

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