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  • What Size Generator Do I Need for Camping?

    What Size Generator Do I Need for Camping?
    Camping generators allow you to enjoy the rustic outdoors with the comfort and convenience of electricity. Generators come in different wattage sizes. You will need to determine the amount of wattage your camper requires.

    Camping Generator

    Camping generators come in two sizes. According to Electric Generator's Direct, recreational generators are either compact or small. Compact generators generate 1,000 watts of power while small generators can produce a range of 2,000 to 3,000 watts.


    Compact generators are ideal for minimal use. If you only plan to use one appliance at a time, this is an ideal size for you. Small generators produce more wattage power and allow campers to plug and use multiple appliances simultaneously. If you plan on camping with a bigger group or if you tend to use a number of appliances at the same time, you may need a small generator.


    Determine the size of the compact generator you need by adding up the total continuous power or running watts of your appliances and the largest surge of watts or extra peak power of the items you need to use. To find out the total running watts, add all the running watts of the items you'd like to run simultaneously. Surge watts is the power required for appliances when they are operating at their highest levels of wattage consumption.

    Article Written By Rona Aquino

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