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  • New Balance Walking Shoes & Heel Pain

    New Balance Walking Shoes & Heel Pain
    Walking puts a strain on your feet, especially if you enjoy walking long distances with elevations and rugged surfaces. Wearing protective and supportive shoes that have arch support can reduce stress on your feet. New Balance offers walking shoe styles that feature protective features to aid in heel-pain relief.

    Heel Pain

    Walking puts a lot of stress on your feet, which can cause heel pain, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. One of the causes of heel pain is wearing nonsupportive shoes that may irritate sensitive tissues.


    New Balance 927, 811 and 846 walking shoes are designed to aid with heel pain. New Balance 927 features enhanced motion control, ample cushioning in the heel for shock absorption and a liner that reduces discomfort and abrasion.


    Before purchasing a New Balance walking shoe, seek your physician's advice and diagnosis. You may also need to wear shoe modifications, such as a heel insert. Other treatments may include stretching exercises, icing, rest, compression and use of anti-inflammatory medications.

    Article Written By Rona Aquino

    Rona Aquino began writing professionally in 2008. As an avid marathon runner and outdoor enthusiast, she writes on topics of running, fitness and outdoor recreation for various publications. Aquino holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications and English from the University of Maryland College Park.

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