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  • What Are the Dangers of Surfing With a Herniated Disc?

    What Are the Dangers of Surfing With a Herniated Disc?
    Between each vertebra on the spinal column is a disc, acting as a cushion for your spine. A fall or accident can cause the disc to rupture, creating a herniated disc. Resuming heavy activities, such as surfing, before the hernia heals can cause additional pain and damage.

    Increased Disc Pain

    The bending and twisting of surfing can further inflame a herniated disc. Your body may experience this inflammation as pain in your back, neck and extremities. Dr. Richard Staehler recommends discontinuing any activity that "can cause increased vibration and compression" until the injury heals.

    Increased Herniation

    After injuring a disc, you must carefully exercise your back muscles and learn ways to prevent further damage. If you return to surfing with a weakened spine, you may damage the disc even further. This is especially important for a sport like surfing, where the extending and rotating your spine already strains your back.

    Increased Impact on Nerves

    In addition to causing pain, an inflamed disc that is compressing on your nerves can cause other problems. Serious issues can also result from this pressure, including numbness in the legs, weakened legs or lack of bladder control. Continuing to surf on an injured disc could further inflame it, increasing the nerve compression.

    Article Written By Sarah Shelton

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