Carolina Hiking & Singles Club

Carolina Hiking & Singles Club
The Carolina Hiking and Singles Club, located in Greenville, is a loosely organized group of singles who like to hike. While this group concentrates on hiking, its members schedule some social activities throughout each month. New members do not have to be single to join the club.


The Carolina Hiking and Singles Club formed in 1990, when the founder felt the existing hiking club in Greenville had more social activities than hikes. Since then, the hiking club has grown; it schedules hikes several times per month.


The club has designated "doggy hikes," where members can bring along their dogs. Hike leaders have to hike the trail before the club members do; leaders grade the trail for difficulty and answer questions about the trail from members who are trying to decide whether a specific hike is right for them.


The club has no officers or dues, although members can contribute. The club meets weekly at designated restaurants to discuss future hikes and socialize with other members. Hiking in a group can be a good way to discover new trails, meet new people and carpool to reach a hiking trail.

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