Camping Creeks & Hiking in Southern Utah

Camping Creeks & Hiking in Southern Utah
Southern Utah is home to the Escalante River, the Virgin River and Paria Canyon. All of these places allow hiking along the waterways and some permit overnight camping and backpacking.


Paria Canyon is a remote wilderness in southern Utah. The Paria River flows into the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon at its southernmost location. The Escalante River flows through the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.


You can backpack along of these rivers. The Virgin River flows through Arizona and Utah with a small campground near St. George, Utah. The campground is primitive, remote and seldom crowded.


The best seasons for hiking and backpacking along these rivers is during the dry seasons in fall and spring. Summer temperatures are hot in the afternoon and heavy thunderstorms anywhere along the watersheds that feed these rivers can flood the canyons, creating dangerous conditions for hikers in the narrows of these canyons.


All of these wilderness areas require permits to use. Obtain these permits from Bureau of Land Management offices, state parks or the national parks in the area.


Bringing an emergency weather radio will give you information about the weather affecting the surrounding area. Should heavy rain fall, you will have the information you need to head to higher ground. Bring plenty of water since the water in these rivers is not potable.

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