Ice Fishing in Lake George, New York

Ice Fishing in Lake George, New York
Ice fishing at Lake George can be a great cabin-fever reliever in the wintertime. Each winter, the freezing temperatures of upstate New York transform this summer retreat into an ice-fishing haven. Lake George has two distinct basins: north and south.


While salmon is a popular species for ice fishing, Lake George is also well-known for its trout population. J. Michael Kelly from "New York Game and Fish" lists Lake George as one of the finest January trout lakes in the state. He reports that 10- and 12-pound lake trout are caught each year, and an 18-pound fish has even been pulled in. The north basin is recommended for trout and salmon fishing.


Both permanent and portable shanties are used on Lake George. You will need a power or hand auger to cut a hole in the ice and a scoop to remove the slush. Many anglers use tip-ups, bright line and a depth finder along with their jig pole and tackle when fishing on Lake George.


As Tim Smalley of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reminds us, "Ice is never safe." Wait until the ice is a minimum of four inches thick before heading out onto Lake George; this usually occurs in January. Remember that ice thickness varies, and shallow spots can exist next to thick sheets. Fish with a buddy and wear a life jacket.

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