Outdoor Clock & Barometer Sets

Outdoor Clock & Barometer Sets
The barometer has long been one of the more important weather instruments used by the National Weather Service. To produce an accurate modern weather forecast the weather bureau requires thousands of barometric readings from all over the country. However, homeowners can gain useful information from a weather-proof barometer mounted outside their home.


Over the years the combination of a clock and a barometer have been a stately combination that adorns many mantelpieces and walls of prosperous homes. These instruments can be quite expensive and are built to resemble real nautical instruments. However, the indoor varieties lack the weather resistant nature of their shipboard counterparts.

Outdoor Clock And Barometer Sets

Today there are a host of barometer clock and barometer sets that are resistant to the wind and rain, plus they run on batteries. These combos lack the fine woodworking finesse of some of the indoor varieties, but they are usually cheaper and weatherproof. Some are portable devices that can be used by boaters and campers, while other styles are designed to be hung on the outside of a barn or workshop.


Like many other common instruments, weather devices have gone digital. Often the digital devices come with a host of weather instruments that measure humidity, temperature, wind speed and direction. The end results are a whole new line of portable, compact weather stations that in many instances are portable and can withstand severe weather conditions.

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