Information on Fly Rod & Reels

Information on Fly Rod & Reels
Fly rods and reels are designed to cast a weighted line. The rods are built for different actions that match a specific line type. The reels are sized to balance with the weight of the rod and will hold the line that matches the outfit. The reel also will hold a layer of backing material for playing large fish.


Fly rods are constructed from graphite, glass or bamboo. The rods are built for actions ranging from stiff and slow to ultra fast. The rods also are available in weights ranging from zero to 15. The reels are built from light, alloy metals and they use a drag system to create tension on the line.



The action of the fly rod varies to suit the fishing application. Fast rods are used to generate line speed for long casts. Slow rods are used to cast heavy flies and battle strong winds. The weight of the rod must match the weight of the line and reel. The weight is determined by the general size of the fish being targeted.


Fly rods and reels can be used to catch a large variety of game fish. Zero to three weight rods are ideal for small trout and pan fish, four to six weight rods are primarily used for trout and seven to 10 weight rods will suffice for large warm water species, steelhead, salmon and many of the saltwater species. Rods larger than 10 weights are commonly used for large saltwater game fish.


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