About Folding Kayaks

About Folding Kayaks
Following the same principles of the boats built by Eskimos, folding kayaks are composed of a lightweight metal or wood frame covered with a polymer skin. They take approximately 20 minutes to assemble, then can be used in calm waters or rapids.


These lightweight boats are easy to store. Their compact size also makes transporting them less complicated with no racks to contend with. When folded, they are contained in a duffel bag, though smaller units can also fit into backpacks.



Minis, the smallest foldable kayaks available, are 12 feet long and can carry up to 250 lbs. A single kayak is longer at 14 to 17 feet in length. With a capacity of over 500 lbs., this size works well for extended trips. Double kayaks can either hold two people, or can be fitted to hold one person with more room for gear.


Foldable kayaks are available in different designs depending on their purpose. According to Michael Edelman, you should select a wider boat for fishing or diving. Narrower boats can be faster, but don't provide as much stability.


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