Plants & Animals in the Mountains/Forests of China

Plants & Animals in the Mountains/Forests of ChinaChina has several mountain ranges scattered throughout its immense boundaries. The largest mountains and the ones of most interest to scientists because of the immense bio-diversity are the Hengduan Mountains of southwest China.

The Panda (pictured)

The giant panda of the Hengduan Mountains is one of the most familiar of all forms of wildlife. The few pandas that are left live in several isolated mountain regions of the Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. In the wild, pandas feed exclusively on two types of bamboo, called arrow and umbrella.


The Forest

In the series of cool, misty mountains that harbor the few remaining pandas, there grows a thick forest of fir and larch trees, with pine and spruce being found in drier locales. The understory consists of maple, birch, mountain ash, rhododendron and the all-important bamboo, lifeblood of the giant panda.

Other Rare Animals

This dense, secluded forest harbors other wild animals, including the rare goat-like creature called the Takin. Also present is the Yunnan golden monkey, along with the snow leopard, wolf, serow, leopard and black bear. Poaching has reduced the populations of many of these animals, but none is as severely threatened as the giant panda.

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