Amelia Island Fishing

Amelia Island Fishing
Amelia Island is a picturesque section of northeastern Florida just north of jacksonville is surrounded by natural wooded areas, wetlands and beaches. It offers fishing year round in the rivers, ocean and lakes surrounding it.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is located near the eastern corner of the Florida-Georgia border. It is a peninsula bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Nassau Sound and Kingsley Creek, all of which provide fishing opportunities.

Types of Fishing

There are local piers and bridges for fishing. The public pier is at Ft. Clinch State Park at the north end of the island. The bridges are in the south end at Nassau Sound. You can fish in a personal boat in the nearby rivers and lakes or you can take a charter boat out into the Atlantic for offshore and deep sea day trips.

Types of Fish

Most fishing is saltwater in the area. This means you can catch favorites like red drum, flounder, bluefish and sheepshead. Lakes offer bass, perch, tilapia and catfish.


Amelia Island is humid and hot during the summer, but it is not as brutal as the southern part of Florida. The winters often get chilly, but are still mild compared to most of the United States. Afternoon thunderstorms and hurricanes in the summer are the major types of weather to watch out for while fishing.

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