Satellite Beach Fishing Information

Satellite Beach Fishing Information
Satellite Beach, Florida, is just across the lagoon from Melbourne and about 20 miles south of Cape Canaveral. The "Space Coast" has many options for fishing, whether it be salt or freshwater. Take a shot at some surf casting, deep sea fishing or try your line in the brackish waters behind the beach.

Surf Casting

Shallow water off the beaches can make surf casting a challenge, and the rocks don't make it any easier. But surf casting is fun here, as you can often see fish well before they reach your line.


Indian River is not a river at all, but a lagoon between the island and the mainland--a mix of fresh and salt water. This is a very popular fishing area where guides offer their services in the relatively shallow and clear water. Snook, tarpon and some sea bass are all popular fish to go after here.


Deep sea fishing is the favorite of tourists, and there are many guide services ready to take you on a trip. The guides know the waters and conditions that make for favorable fishing. The price can be high at times, but many guides guarantee you will get some bites, or opportunities to reel in a big fish.


Satellite Beach has its share of good fishing, but there are many good areas on the Florida coast. You can also find good fishing northward in Cocoa Beach, Titusville and Cape Canaveral.


Snook, redfish and tarpon are popular ocean fish to pursue on the Florida coast. Sea bass can be caught in the brackish waters of the Indian River Lagoon behind Satellite Beach. Bass and trout can be caught in the rivers and streams that flow into the ocean from the mainland.

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