Is Biking Safe With Hypertension?

Is Biking Safe With Hypertension?
As with any medical condition, the first thing you should do before engaging in a new physical activity is get the advice of your doctor. Biking is no exception.

First Things First

Once your doctor has cleared you, start off slowly. The mistake most make when they engage in a new activity is get too enthusiastic. People go at it too hard and set unreasonable goals. This can result in injury or becoming discouraged.

Work from a reasonable assessment of what you can do now, set modest goals and up those goals slowly.


Those with hypertension should find that biking lowers their blood pressure. Regular exercise combined with medication can keep blood pressure within normal ranges, and it may even help medication work more effectively. Be sure to hydrate while exercising.

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Mindset

Now that you've got yourself up on that bike, the trick is to stay on it. The nature of a lifestyle change means that you need to change how you view yourself. As a person with hypertension disease--a disease putting you at serious risk for heart attack--you have choices. Engaging in an activity that will help you control your blood pressure can add years to your life.

Keep your doctor informed of your progress and intention to keep on pedaling.

Article Written By Seth Walsh

Seth Walsh has written for business and local news publications since 1992. He is a former faculty member at the University of California at Santa Barbara and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the City University of New York. Seth is a licensed Life Insurance Agent, California.

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