Which Lures Catch the Most Muskie & Northern Pike?

Which Lures Catch the Most Muskie & Northern Pike?
The muskellunge and the northern pike are predatory fish of cooler waters in the northern hemisphere. You will have better luck targeting pike and muskies when you utilize certain types of lures.


Spoons of assorted colors traditionally work well for muskie and northern pike. The wobbling action of a spoon lure entices these aggressive fish to attack, as they see the flash and colors of the lure and mistake it for a bait fish. Spoons as large as 5 inches in length will attract pike and muskie, with color patterns such as red and white, black, silver, gold and mixed combinations all capable of producing results.


Windy Conditions

A spinnerbait that features large blades will create enough vibrations to interest a pike and a muskie, notes the Fish N Tips website. Spinnerbaits work well in windy conditions, reports the Fish Info site, because choppy water typically causes baitfish to stay near the surface, where pike and muskie hunt and where these fish may potentially intercept a spinnerbait.


Pike and muskellunge will both offer at crankbaits, which are diving baits made to resemble baitfish. Muskies will often chase these baits when you fish them in the warmer shallows during the springtime, especially where baitfish gather, reports the NY Falls website.


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