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  • Type of Rope Ladder Used in Mountain Climbing

    Type of Rope Ladder Used in Mountain Climbing
    An étrier is the most commonly used type of aider. It is a short portable ladder that is made of loops of webbing and is used to assist in mountain climbing sections of rock that are too difficult to climb.


    Étriers are used in a type of climbing known as aid climbing. Aid climbing is commonly used in big wall climbing. The étrier attaches to a piece of gear on the wall and allows the climber to move up a section of rock quickly.


    Étriers come in a variety of sizes, but typically have five to eight steps. Some have reinforced steps, which makes standing for long periods of time easier and more comfortable. Stiffer steps also make boot entry and exit easier.

    Other Aiders

    While an étrier is the most common, two other types of aiders are used, known as alpine aiders and aid ladders. Alpine aiders are lightweight but more difficult to use, while aid ladders are the heaviest and bulkiest ladder.

    Article Written By Michelle Kidd

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