Lewisville Lake Tent Camping Information

Lewisville Lake Tent Camping InformationLewisville Lake is a popular reservoir for campers, anglers and boaters. Surrounded by a number of small towns and neighborhoods, the lake has several recreation parks and campgrounds along its shoreline and is an easy drive from the metro Dallas area.


Pitch a tent at a campground in Hickory Creek, Lewisville, Highland Village or Little Elm. Lewisville Lake Park campground, just outside of Lewisville includes 19 tent sites and two boat ramps in the 662-acre recreation area. Hickory Creek Park and Campground has 136 campsites, 10 of which are primitive sites.


Lake Activities

Swimming and wading are popular pastimes along the beaches of Lewisville Lake, with water temperatures reaching a comfortable 85 to 90 degrees in the summer. Large-mouth bass, white bass and white crappie are among the species of sport fish caught here. Hybrid striped bass are stocked on a regular basis.

Lewisville Climate

Campers should pack sunscreen and plenty of water. Avoid sun exposure during the midday, when temperatures can reach 100 degrees in July and August. Spring and fall have less heat and humidity, and may be more comfortable for tent campers.

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