Portable Changing Rooms for Camping

Portable Changing Rooms for Camping
A portable changing room is a handy device to bring on a camping trip when your tent lacks the headroom needed for standing up. These are also good for changing into swimsuits away from the main camp site.


A portable changing room allows campers to change clothes without needing to enter their tents. This could be handy for youth groups, when shy campers don't want to change in front of their friends.


Free-standing portable changing rooms can be purchased ready-made, or campers can make their own with spare gear. A simple changing room can be created by hanging sheets from ropes strung between three or four trees.


Portable changing rooms are only good to use during warm weather. Most of these rooms are too small to heat with an outside source and lack a ceiling to trap body heat.

Article Written By Denise Bertacchi

Denise Bertacchi is a freelance writer with a degree in journalism from Southeast Missouri State University. She is a St. Louis suburbanite who has written for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Boys' Life, Wisconsin Trails, and Missouri Life.

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