Camping on Washington State BLM Land

Camping on Washington State BLM Land
The terrain of Washington State varies dramatically, from the forests of the Cascade Mountains to the dry sagebrush desert of Douglas Creek. Campers can stay in one of the established campgrounds or find solitude at a dispersed campsite. According to the Public Lands Information Center website, campers will find more seclusion in the woods of Western Washington, where campgrounds are farther from Seattle.


There are 11 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recreation areas that allow camping in Washington State. Four of these--Big Pines, Lmuma Creek, Roza, and Umtanum--charge for overnight camping. According to the BLM website, the remaining seven campgrounds have no fees. The campgrounds are open all year long, except for Chopaka Lake and Douglas Creek.



The rustic BLM campgrounds in Washington offer primitive sites with no hookups. Additional amenities vary, but can include picnic tables, restrooms and boat ramps. Six of the campgrounds have accessible features such as trails, restrooms or campsites.

Campground Activities

All campgrounds, with the exception of Lakeview Ranch, are near lakes or rivers. Fishing, fly fishing, swimming, and boating are all popular activities here. Half the campgrounds have a trailhead nearby for hiking in the BLM wilderness.


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