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  • RV Parks & Tent Camping in Portland, Oregon

    RV Parks & Tent Camping in Portland, Oregon
    The city of Portland offers a number of privately owned RV campgrounds. According to Woodall's campground directory, none of the Portland campgrounds allow tents. Tent campers need to camp at one of the campgrounds outside the metro area, including Oxbow Park Campground, located in Gresham, 20 miles from downtown Portland.

    Camping Weather

    As is common in the Pacific Northwest, Portland benefits from summers that don't get too hot and winters that don't get too cold. Summer months are the best for camping, with very little precipitation and temperatures staying in the 80s or below. Expect rain and even a little snow from November to May, reports City Data.

    Essentials to Pack

    Bring rain gear no matter what season you camp. Hiking boots or shoes that keep your feet dry are a good idea when exploring areas like the expansive Forest Park. Wind is common in Portland, so secure belongings to keep them from blowing away, advises Lonely Planet.

    Campground Locations

    Portland's RV parks are scattered throughout the city and some are located in less desirable neighborhoods. For safety, be cautious of staying at an RV park partnered with a mobile home park. Ask if your campground is near transit stops if you are planning on traveling by public transportation during your stay.

    Article Written By Sarah Shelton

    Based in Oregon, Sarah Shelton has worked as a freelance writer since 2008. She enjoys covering travel, home and garden, and automotive topics. Her articles have appeared nationwide with Internet Broadcasting, Adventure Travel and Real Estate Experts. With a major in biology, Shelton received her Bachelor of Science from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

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