Colorado Wilderness Survival Training

Colorado Wilderness Survival TrainingCampers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts that frequent the forests of Colorado can learn about wilderness survival training. Prepare yourself by knowing what to do and what not to do in an outdoor emergency.

Focus of Survival Training

Colorado survival techniques focus on understanding how to meet your basic needs in the wilderness. According to the website Wilderness Survival Skills, there are eight essential skills: finding food and water, creating a shelter and fire, navigating, signaling for help, predicting weather and basic first aid.

Impact of Colorado weather

Inclement weather occurs year round in Colorado due to its high elevation. Life-threatening situations can arise from lightening, downpours, hail, snow and freezing temperatures. Learning how to keep warm, dry, and out of the elements is one of the most important wilderness survival skills for surviving the Colorado wilderness.

Learning and Practicing Skills

Companies like the Boulder Outdoor Survival School teach survival skills in a hands-on outdoor experience. Whether learning skills from a course or a book, it is important to practice new techniques to make them second nature in the event of an outdoor survival situation.

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