King Salmon Fishing Season in Alaska

King Salmon Fishing Season in Alaska
Alaska is known for its salmon fishing, and king salmon are the largest family, with individual fish weighing in at over 100 pounds. The season for king salmon fishing is in the summer, as the fish swim back from the Pacific Ocean into the rivers to spawn.

Salmon Migration

Salmon are anadromous, meaning that they start their lives in a fresh water river, migrate to the ocean, and then return to their birthing location to spawn. After spawning, the fish die. They stop eating during their last migration and use all their energy to swim and spawn before dying. Fisheries will take spawning fish eggs to restock other locations to help replenish the supply of wild fish.



King salmon season runs from the middle of May each year. It ends on July 31 in all freshwater locations. Charter fishing trips out into the ocean near Seward catch King Salmon during the early summer as they start to migrate inland.


Though the season for king salmon opens in mid-May, the fish don't start showing up in rivers until a little later. They are caught in the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers mainly, though they are also found in many other sites. Only one wild king salmon can be kept per angler during the proper days and season, which varies slightly depending on the location.


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