Safety Harness Information

Safety Harness Information
Harnesses are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for such activities as climbing and canyoneering. Before each use, check your harness to ensure that it is in good shape and properly attached.


Every harness should have a waist belt and two leg loops that are adjustable. There should be a loop or section in the front or back of the harness that is load-bearing, so that you can attach the harness to a rope or anchor. Some harnesses have full body loops, which are useful in big jumping activities and for children. Many harnesses have extra loops so that you can attach gear.

How To Wear

You should wear most harnesses high on the hips and tight. Your hip bones should act as a shelf that prevents the harness from slipping below them in case you flip upside-down. The leg loops should be snug so they don't slip up and down your legs, which can lead to discomfort as well as keep you from being able to move fully. Every buckle should be double-backed or locked so they will not come loose during your activity.


Before putting your harness on for the first time in a day, inspect it for rips and tears. Confirm that the threading is completely secure. If you find any problems, retire the harness. Retire any harness that is more than five years old. Before every use of your harness, even with only a span of five minutes in between, you should perform a basic harness safety check. Confirm that it is tight enough that you cannot fit two fingers in the waist belt. Check the buckles to determine that they are still locked or double-backed.

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