Outdoor Cooking and Camping Safety

Outdoor Cooking and Camping Safety
Much of our enjoyment of camping is tied to cooking and eating. Whether it's the extra activity that boosts appetite or that everything seems to taste better under an open sky, food can play an important part in our outdoor memories. Follow some simple safety recommendations to make it a safe trip.

Check Conditions

Call ahead for information. Ask about the weather. If it's going to rain, you'll need a shelter and a way to cook under it. Clear skies mean cooking over an open fire but ask if there's a ban on campfires due to dry weather. Ask if there's a safe water source and if there are animals or other threats.



Learn how to set up and use all your camping and cooking equipment before you leave home. If you don't know how to use your stove or light a fire, you won't be able to cook. Learn how to repair all your equipment. Pack an emergency kit with first aid supplies and repair tools, and know how to use them.


Package and prepare your foods carefully. The same safety rules apply to handling meat and fish in the outdoors as in your kitchen. Food should be carefully contained and stored so it will not attract wild animals. Always wash your hands and cookware thoroughly.


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