Facts on Fuel Cooking Stoves

Facts on Fuel Cooking StovesPeople visit the outdoors for many reasons, and each has its own set of requirements for a cooking stove. Although many stoves come equipped with features to mimic a home range, plenty others focus on lightweight and packable design.

Backpacking Stoves

These stoves pack down so small that they will often fit inside your cook set. They usually run off of isobutane pressurized gas or liquid white gas, and the variety of designs are endless. Some are capable of running off any type of fuel to make it easy to travel internationally. These are almost always single burner stoves with little simmer control ability.

Car Camping

Because weight is not much of a concern, a car camping stove will come complete with several luxurious features. They are come with two burners, and occasionally even a griddle. Most fold up into a briefcase style so they can be carried easily, and stands to place them on are available. These usually run off propane, which is pressurized gas that is easy to transport.

Homemade Stoves

A small and basic stove can be made at home easily for those looking for an inexpensive product overall. Free plans are available online for several types of homemade alcohol-burning stoves, some being made simply from an aluminum can.

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Emily Trudeau has been writing all her life. She has recently been working on a blog about gourmet outdoor cooking called Dirty Gourmet. She majored in biology and philosophy at Florida State University, and loved writing with both scientific and logical focus.

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