Camping Near Coshocton, Ohio

Camping Near Coshocton, Ohio
Listed by Midwest Living Magazine as "one of the Top 100 towns to visit," Coshocton, Ohio has a charm all its own. Only an hour and a half from Columbus, campers can unwind in the mellow atmosphere that permeates throughout.

Camping Weather

Camping season in Coshoton runs from April to November, taking advantage of the warm Ohio summers. In July temperatures average in the mid 80s. Pack rain gear to be prepared for the 4 inches of rain that summer months get.

Private Campgrounds

Campers looking for an established campground have two choices near Coshocton. Right in town is the Lake Park Campground with 69 camping sites with some partial hookups. Eight miles from the heart of town is Forest Hill Campground. With sites for both tents and RVs, this campground is also the only location in the area with full RV hookups.

Primitive Camping

According to the Department of Natural Resources website, there is one primitive camping area located in the Woodbury Wildlife area. Campers can stake their tents on a first come, first served basis while enjoying the largest public wildlife area in Ohio.

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