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  • Wilderness Survival Guide for Girls

    Wilderness Survival Guide for GirlsThe wilderness can be a difficult place to be for anyone, but girls have a few different difficulties than boys. The tendency to get nervous over dirt or animals could cause problems in a survival situation. Also, it is not as easy to take care of yourself when nature calls.


    Knowing how to build a fire can save your life on a cold surprise night in the wilderness. Always have matches with you, even on a day hike, and gather dry pine needles and dead leaves to light first. Continue to add larger dry items slowly as each layer catches fire.


    Girls must urinate differently than boys without the luxury of a toilet. If you have to go, find a good tree to hide behind far from any water source. You can hold onto the tree or sit on a log to help you balance. If you have toilet paper, do not leave it in the woods. If not, you can use a smooth stone, soft leaves, or just air dry.


    The wilderness is where wild animals live, from a swarm of bees to mountain lions and bears. If you come in contact with one of these animals, it is imperative that you stay calm and do not run or scream. These actions will most likely provoke the animal rather than scare it off.


    There is no need to be very strong or to create a huge fortress for you and all your friends for a night. Take a few logs or planks of bark and lean them against a large fallen tree or boulder, leaving just enough room inside for you. This will keep you warm and protected from the elements.


    Never leave for a trip to the wilderness without bringing at least three layers of clothes to put on in an emergency. Girls often get cold faster than men, and the extra warmth will be appreciated if you get caught in a storm or at night.

    Article Written By EmilyTrudeau

    Emily Trudeau has been writing all her life. She has recently been working on a blog about gourmet outdoor cooking called Dirty Gourmet. She majored in biology and philosophy at Florida State University, and loved writing with both scientific and logical focus.

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