The Best Wood for a Hiking Stick

The Best Wood for a Hiking Stick
A hiking stick can make you more nimble while crossing a slippery river crossing or take some of the load from your knees while you finish those last few miles on the trail. The wood you choose plays a crucial role in the stick's construction.


Most woodworkers use hickory, ash, maple and diamond willow for hiking sticks. Hardwoods provide more strength and durability than softer woods, will break less often and last much longer. Choose the best wood based on your preferences and availability in your area.



Durable hardwoods work best for hiking stick. Hickory and sassafras, for example, do not break easily nor do they wear quickly, writes Charles Self, Director of the National Association of Home and Workshop Writers and author of "Make Your Own Walking Sticks." The best wood comes down to durability, availability and personal preference, he notes.


Robert Birkby notes in an article for Boy's Life Magazine that hardwoods such as ash, oak and maple make good choices and offer long-term use. They are stronger and easier to carve than softwood and make functional, beautiful hiking sticks.


Article Written By Eric Duncan

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