Black Bear Facts for Kids

Black Bear Facts for KidsBlack bears (Ursus americanus) live in forests, wetlands and swamps. They are found all over the United States and are the largest land animal found in different states including New Jersey. The animal is endangered in Florida, Texas and other states.

Color, Height and Weight

Most black bears are black in color but they also may be brown or cinnamon. Males (boars) weigh roughly 150 to 300 pounds while females (sows) weigh about 150 pounds. When standing upright, they measure between four to seven feet tall.



Female black bears give birth to cubs while hibernating, usually in January. The sow may have one to five cubs, who are born blind and will stay with their mother for two to three years.


Black bears hibernate during the winter months in dens. They will leave their dens to feed, if they need to, throughout the winter.

Other Facts

Black bears have a strong sense of smell and hearing. They are good swimmers and climbers. They can live for as long as 30 years and run as fast as 35 mph. Bears are omnivores, eating both meat and plants.

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