Information on Fishing Jigs

Information on Fishing JigsJigs come in an array of weights, colors and shapes. These fishing lures, part of the tackle box of anglers, catch bass, trout, perch and bluegill.


The design of a jig entails a small hook attached to a weighted head, usually made from tungsten or lead. This design allows a jig to quickly sink to where the fish are. Plastic, tinsel, hair, feathers or other materials may adorn jigs to make them resemble aquatic fare upon which fish would snack.



Anglers drop jigs into the water and let them descend to a desired depth. They bring the jig up a small distance and let it flutter back down. Fish typically bite a jig as it descends, with the angler paying close attention to her line and rod tip, feeling for the slightest nibble before setting the hook.


Jigs may be of a floating, soft plastic-dressed, weedless or live bait type. Anglers place a small piece of worm, shiner, leech or other creature on the hook of a live bait jig to lure fish to strike.

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