Spinner Fishing Information

Spinner Fishing Information
Spinners are a type of fishing lures featuring small metals blades and a treble hook. The metal blades spin as you reel the lure in, attracting the attention of many types of game fish.

Sight and Sound

Two aspects of a spinner garner the attention of fish. One is the flash of the whirling blades, which fish can detect and hone in on as they pursue the lure. Another is the vibrations the spinners create as they churn though the water.


The blades on a spinner come in varying shapes and sizes that determine how they move through the water. The larger the blade, the more vibrations the spinner gives off as it travels through the water.


In addition to the blades and hooks, spinners often have a "skirt" comprised of animal hair, feathers or synthetic materials. These mask the hook and they give the spinner the appearance of having a larger profile.


The types of spinners include the inline spinner, live bait spinner, buzzbait and spinnerbait. The latter two possess designs that allow an angler to fish them in vegetation where lurking hungry fish occur.

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