Traditional Canvas Tents

Traditional Canvas TentsTraditional canvas tents weigh a lot and can be difficult to erect and as well as hot and stuffy in warm weather. It's no wonder that many people instead choose lightweight, easy-to-erect nylon tents. Yet traditional canvas tents do still exist, and customers do still buy them.


Canvas, an extremely durable material, resists tears and punctures better than nylon. Rocks under a thin floor can easily puncture nylon.



The weight of canvas provides strong protection against cold, wind and snow. Snowtrekker Tents proclaims that a dog musher in Alaska used its canvas tents.


Unlike nylon tents, canvas tents accommodate indoor cooking. Winter campers can use portable wood stoves in the tents.

Expert Insight

Canvas tents in the 21st century use lightweight fabric. Garrett and Alexandra Conover, authors of "The Winter Wilderness Companion," used a canvas tent weighing only 6 ½ lbs. on their winter camping trips.


Canvas tents sometimes use nylon features such as snow flaps to allow snow to slide off easily. One model foregoes the traditional center pole, which allows ease of movement inside the tent.

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