Halibut Fishing Information

Halibut Fishing Information
With its healthy Omega-3 oil and mild flavor, it's no wonder that nutritionists and chefs recommend halibut. From roughly late April until mid-July, fishing for halibut remains a commercially viable and popular recreational activity.


Both Atlantic and Pacific halibut are flatfish, meaning that they have a flat body with both eyes on one side of the head. Other flatfish include flounder and sole.


Because Atlantic halibut was fished extensively in the last century, its numbers became depleted. The Monterey Bay Aquarium advises against fishing or eating Atlantic halibut. They cite wild-caught Pacific halibut as the "best choice."


Pacific halibut is a bottom-dwelling fish that spawns in winter in the deep ocean, returning to shallow waters along the coast each year to feed. It is found either in Alaska or on the west coast of Canada.


Commercial fishing in Alaska is restricted to bottom longlines, using one, several mile long line holding many smaller baited hooks. This method reduces habitat damage and catching of other fish and sea creatures.

Bottom Trawling

US regulations allow the bottom trawl method in addition to longlines for commercial fishing. In this method, boats drag a net along the sea floor.

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