Dimensions for a Fire Pit for Cooking While Camping

Dimensions for a Fire Pit for Cooking While CampingCooking over a wood fire produces some of the most delicious camp food. The dimensions of a fire pit for cooking should conform to a general standard to produce the optimal conditions for camp cooking.


A fire pit for cooking should generally measure 24 to 36 inches in diameter to allow proper room for wood coals, air circulation and enough heated surface area for a full meal.


An outdoor fire pit while camping should be 8 to 12 inches in depth. This can be accomplished by digging into the ground, or by creating a barrier around the fire pit.


If there are melon-sized rocks in the camping area, those can be used to create a border for your fire pit. These will help to reflect and maintain the heat of the cooking fire.


A fire pit should be built in an open area, away from overhanging tree limbs and piles of dried leaves or brush.

Fuel Considerations

A good cooking fire is dependent on developing hot coals. Hot coals will result from the burning of hard woods, and the dimensions of the fire pit should accommodate available camp wood--usually cut at 18 inches, although length can vary.


Article Written By Seth C. Burgess

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