Sunblock & Mosquito Repellent

Sunblock & Mosquito Repellent
Sunblock and mosquito repellent are must-brings for any outdoor activities, from camping to hiking. They make an outdoor adventure more pleasant by keeping you bug and sunburn free.


Sunblock is used to protect skin from harmful UV and UBA rays, which are the rays responsible for skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles. Sunscreen comes with an SPF rating that determines the length of time the sunblock will protect the skin before needing reapplication.


Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito repellents keep mosquitoes from biting skin and spreading mosquito borne viruses such as West Nile. DEET is the strongest type of repellent you can buy.

Combination Function

If you need both sun and mosquito protection, a combination product blocks the sun's rays and keeps those pesky insects at bay.

Application Types

Sunblock and mosquito repellent come in different application types. The mixture of types range from lotions you rub in, sprays that soak into the skin and sticks you apply directly on the skin.


There are products for adults, children and infants that contain specific ingredients safe for those age ranges. All-natural and scent-free versions of sunblock and repellent are also available.


Article Written By Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson is a freelance sports writer and photographer based in California. Her articles and photos appear regularly in newspapers and magazines such as "Triathlete" and "Cross Country Skier." Johnson graduated from the University of Iowa with a B.A. in media production and minor in writing. She is studying for her copy editing certificate at the University of San Diego.

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