How Do Kayak Locks Work?

How Do Kayak Locks Work?
Protect your investment by buying a kayak lock. These locks help protect your kayak from theft and also can help you make sure your kayak is secure to your vehicle during travel.


The purpose of the kayak lock is to keep your kayak locked down to a vehicle or storage system to protect it from theft or damage. Kayak locks also offer a bit more protection by securing the kayak to a rack or to the top of your vehicle.


Several companies make kayak locks. Each lock comes in different lengths for different sized kayaks and vehicles. Some locks come with adjustable length cables to make sure you can tightly tie down the kayak

Steel Cables

Kayak locks have steel cables, making it more difficult for the cable to sheer from someone trying to cut it or from wear and tear. Most companies make replacement cables so you can just replace a cable and not the whole lock if you need to.

Combo Locks

Kayak locks come with the ability to put in a combo where the cable ends in a ball or T-shape that fits into the lock. The combos come with factory settings but give you the option to input your own personal combination to unlock the kayak lock.


Kayak locks are wrap-around and tie-down locks. Some can attach directly to racks and trays on a car roof, and some can attach to small openings with little space.

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