RV Camping Information

RV Camping Information
RV camping is a great way for families, couples or singles to get away. Choose from a variety of types and sizes to meet your camping needs. You can even rent an RV if you don’t want to buy one. There are many advantages to camping in an RV, where your bed is always with you and the view out the kitchen window is spectacular.

Advantages of RV Camping

With many of the same comforts of home, an RV can making “roughing it” a little less rough. A kitchen, bathroom, and comfortable bed make camping trips easier for many people. Some also enjoy having extras, like TV and air conditioning.

Understanding the RV Equipment

Before taking a camping trip in an RV, it is helpful to walk through the vehicle and understand how it works. Refrigerators, heaters, and stoves can all work differently from household appliances. It is also good to learn about the water and sewer system, how to hook up the RV, and how the batteries function.

Places to RV Camp

When traveling with a bed already on board, an RV camper just needs to find a place to park. In addition to private RV parks, you can camp in state and national forests, county fairgrounds, or even a friend’s backyard. Guides, such as Woodall’s Campground Directory, provide a list of campgrounds that are RV friendly.

Camping Unhooked

Though many campers enjoy being hooked up to water, sewer, and electricity when camping, RVs don’t require them. These self-contained units include resources to sustain themselves without being hooked up in a park. The advantage of this is that campers can park their RVs at many more locations. Many national forests allow RVs to camp outside of the campgrounds in undesignated locations.

Driving an RV

Driving an RV is not the same as driving a car. Not only do they handle distinctively on the road, but also they will maneuver differently in a campground. Understand how your RV drives to better guide it through the tricky turns and parking spaces in a campground.

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