The General Purpose of a Survival Food Packet

The General Purpose of a Survival Food PacketThough it is impossible to predict when an emergency may arise, it is always possible to be prepared. One necessity of the survival kit is food. A survival food packet can provide a healthy meal that is ready any time. Packets include tea, soup and gravy base, and compressed food bars.

Ready to Eat

A survival food packet must be ready to eat at a moment’s notice. Conditions that they are used in will vary, and heating may not be an option. Preparation typically involves little more than opening the packet or adding water.

Provides Emergency Nutrition

Emergency survival food packets are carefully assembled to provide solid nutrition. The bars consist mostly of carbohydrate calories, followed by fat calories. These calories can sustain the body for several days, and are easy to digest.

Require little or no water

Fresh drinking water is another resource that may not be available during an emergency situation. The compressed food bars are low in protein so that additional water is not needed for digestion. The tea, soup and gravy bases require only 14 ounces of water to prepare.

Long shelf life

Emergency food can be stored for long periods of time, allowing them to be available without watching the expiration date. Typically survival food packets stay good for up to five years.

Easy to carry

Survival food packets are lightweight and compact. This makes them easy to pack and carry. Packets weigh less than one pound; their compressed packing keeps damage during transport low.


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