RV Camping in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania

RV Camping in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Wellsboro is near the edge of the "Grand Canyon" of Pennsylvania, several state and national forests, and is a great place for outdoor exploration. Several RV sites are very close to Wellsville, and in the general area.


Wellsville sits near the most picturesque area of Pine Creek Gorge, also called the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. It is surrounded by the Tioga State Forest. The canyon runs 47 miles through the countryside.


In town

In the township of Wellsboro there are four RV sites, and all of them have trails to the Grand Canyon.


Campgrounds in Wellsboro have more than 100 sites each. They have full hookups for RVs, laundry, bathrooms and showers. Campgrounds also have recreation rooms.


Grand Canyon Country campground has rafting and canoeing on the Pine Creek River, and horseback riding in the canyon. Covered wagon rides are also available.

State parks

Leonard Harrison State Park is on the east rim of the canyon and has the most famous views of the canyon. On the other side of the canyon is Colton Point State Park. Both offer RV camping with full hookups, as well as tent camping.

Driving tours

Driving tours are popular and maps are available at the chamber of commerce. Driving the length of the canyon is the most popular, and there are other scenic routes in the area to explore.


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