Fishing in Homar, Alaska

Fishing in Homar, Alaska
Homer, Alaska bills itself as the Halibut capitol of the world, and rightly so, as you can catch a lot of large fish here. The waters around Homer are ideal for Halibut and other types of fishing on the Kenai Peninsula.


Fishing charters are the most convenient way to go fishing in Homer, an old fishing town on the coast. There are half-day, full-day and some multi-day trips available. The trips include fishing, meals and lodging, as well as fish processing.


The limit on Halibut is two per day per person on a boat. A large Halibut can put up a good fight, and can take an hour or more to bring in, so catching two in the same day would be quiet a workout.


Anyone 16 or older must have a fishing license. You must have a stamp to fish for King Salmon. People under 16 do not need a license but must have a harvest card. Licenses are available for one, three and seven days, as well as annually.

Combo trips

You may book a fishing trip that includes ocean kayaking, bear watching or any other activity.

The ride

From Homer to the fishing grounds is at least a one-hour ride by boat. Along the way you'll see beautiful coastline and a myriad of wildlife.

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