Comparison of Types of Firewood

Comparison of Types of FirewoodThere are many types of forest trees that can be cut, split, dried and then used for firewood. However, not every type of wood burns at the same rate or releases the same amount of heat, which is measured in British thermal units, or BTUs.

Pines and Softwood Flowering Plants

Pines are not the fastest burning firewoods. According to the BTU charts, cottonwood, willow, aspen, Ohio buckeye and basswood burn faster than any of the pines.

Pines Are the Fastest Burning Conifer

Pines generally burn faster than any other conifer, with white pine being the fastest burner of all. Among the conifers, Douglas fir and the tamarack have the best heat output.

Best Firewoods

Most oaks, beech, yellow and black beech, madrone, Douglas fir, dogwood, hard maple, mulberry, pecan, locust (black and honey), ironwood and hickory have excellent heat ratings as firewood.

Best Heat Release

According to information cited by The Log Rack website, the black locust and ironwood (also called American hornbeam) have the best heat BTU output of any of the major woods listed. The black locust releases 26.5 million BTUs per cord, which is the highest amount on the list.


Other Aspects

Other aspects of the wood need to be taken into account besides the BTU rating. These include ease of splitting, smoke release, sparks and ease of burning.

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