Camping Equipment By Moosejaw

Moosejaw is a camping brand that has shops in the Midwest and online. It sells its own equipment and camping products made by other companies.


Moosejaw is a company that started in Michigan in the early 1990s. It sells quality camping gear and apparel. Moosejaw has been extending its brand, offering its own quality gear and apparel since 2000.

A Focus on Apparel

The Moosejaw brand focuses mainly on apparel, as of 2010. It came out with a line of jackets in 2009 that received excellent reviews from customers online. It also offers shirts, pants, sweatshirts and hats for men, women and kids.

Signature Products

Many outdoor enthusiasts know Moosejaw because of its strong, durable water bottles. The company offers unbreakable plastic and steel bottles that have bite valves for easy drinking.

Other Products

If you like to play with a flying disc while camping, Moosejaw offers some useful choices. It sells its own flying disks, which are bright enough to find in a green field or tree by day. Some models even light up for play at night.

Retail Operations

Moosejaw also sells equipment from top-quality camping brands through their website and seven retail shops in the Midwest.

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