Fishing Trips to Whittier, Alaska

Fishing Trips to Whittier, Alaska
Whittier, Alaska, is a gateway to Prince William Sound, which offers great protected saltwater fishing amid beautiful scenery. Salmon, halibut and rockfish can all be caught in the area, and there are glaciers all around.


Whittier is located on the edge of the sound in the Chugach Mountains. In this area, glaciers and mountains come right up against the water of the sound, and the canals that take you into the sound are peaceful and calm.



You can fish for salmon, lingcod, rockfish, halibut and salmon sharks in the sound around Whittier. Those who take fishing trips to the area catch a good amount of fish.


There are many charter companies that offer fishing trips out of Whittier into Prince William Sound. On these trips, you can also take tours of the area's glaciers, and go whale watching or wildlife viewing.


The best time to visit Whittier is in the summer, when it is daytime almost 24 hours a day and the weather is warmer. It is usually between 40° and 60° F during the summer, while in the winter the temperature hangs out at around 20° F.


Getting to Whittier is exciting, because the only road in is through a tunnel shared by the Alaska railroad. The town is quite small, with only a few places to stay and eat, but it is only 60 miles southeast of Anchorage, which has a lot more to offer.


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