Women's Ski Helmets and Safety

Women's Ski Helmets and Safety
Each day, more skiers are choosing ski helmets, including woman. A woman's ski helmet typically offers a more feminine shape, color and style options. A helmet that fits properly and is replaced often is important.


Skihelmetsafety.org reports a helmet placed on top of your head should stop about an inch from the top of the eyebrows. The helmet shouldn't have extra space on sides or front and spacing pads may be used to fill in small spaces.


For children, a helmet should be purchased for the size that fits now, not the size that they will grow into.


If you already own goggles, it's helpful to bring them with you to the store to ensure there are no large gaps between the top and sides of the goggles and the helmet.


The materials in a helmet break down and should be replaced every five years or after a hard fall. They are made for a one-time impact.


A study by The National Ski Area Association shows that 57 percent of skiers and snowboarders choose to wear helmets at U.S. ski areas and the number is increasing yearly.

Article Written By Michelle Kidd

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyo., Michelle Kidd has been writing advertorial and editorial content since 1999. Her articles have appeared in "Homestead" and "A Grand Wedding" magazines. Kidd holds a Bachelor of Science in journalism from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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