Ski Boots Information

Ski Boots Information
Ski boots are an important piece of gear because they are the only link between your skis and the actions of your feet, ankles and legs. Selecting the proper boot requires an honest assessment of your skiing ability.

Skier Level

For boot-fitting purposes, determine whether your skier type is a beginner, intermediate or advanced. More advanced skiers require stiffer ski boots.

Ski Boot Outer Shell

The outer part of a ski boot is called the shell. It is made of plastic and given a flex rating based on the stiffness of the boot.

Ski Boot Liner

Inside of the shell is a soft, insulating layer called the liner. Most modern boot liners are heat-moldable for a more comfortable custom fit.

Ski Boot Buckles

Most adult ski boots have four buckles: two on top and two on bottom. Children's ski boots may have as little as one buckle depending on the style of boot.

Ski Boot Sizing

Ski boots use the Mondo size system. The numerical size indicates the length of the inner sole in centimeters.

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