The Best Time to Fly Fish in the Rocky Mountain National Park

The Best Time to Fly Fish in the Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park is a popular fly fishing destination. It is important to visit the park when the fishing is in prime condition. The park receives heavy snow and access to waters can cause issues in the wrong seasons.

Time Frame

Summer is the best time to fly fish in the park. Spring snow melt raises stream levels to dangerous flows and snow restricts backcountry travel. Late June through August are the prime months. September and October can also be good but early snowstorms are a threat.



The high elevation and remote setting are part of the attraction to the park. The geography also prevents snow plows from opening roads and access. The pre-runoff period can have good fly fishing, but you must hike and snowshoe to reach many of the destinations.


Do not attempt to fish the rivers and streams during high water periods. The high water is dangerous, the fishing will be difficult and the remote setting makes rescue attempts very difficult.


Rocky Mountain National Park is a top fishing destination and although the crowds are high, the summer months provide the most consistent fishing.

Expert Insight

Backpack to the remote lake and stream destinations in the park. The fish are eager to eat dry flies and the majority of the park visitors do not stray far from the roads.


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