What Materials Are Used to Make Snowboards?

What Materials Are Used to Make Snowboards?
Although different snowboards are made for different types, styles and abilities of riding, all snowboards contain the same basic components. Whether it's a jib board or a powder board, they are ultimately made of wood, laminated fiberglass, plastic, wax and metal.


The inner core of a snowboard is made of wood, usually beech or poplar. The wood is then sandwiched between laminated fiberglass, laminated fiberglass,



At least two layers of laminated fiberglass are used to sandwich the wooden core of a snowboard. This fiberglass adds stiffness and torsional strength to the snowboard.


The base of a snowboard is made of a porous plastic material, usually referred to as P-Tex. The P-Tex is saturated with wax to create a smooth, hydrophobic surface.

Base Wax

Additional wax is put on the base of the snowboard to allow a smoother glide on snow. This also enables riders to adjust their base to snow conditions by changing type of wax.


The edges of a snowboard are made from a thin strip of metal that is usually tuned to just less than 90 degrees. The edge runs the length of either side of the snowboard.


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