Jobs at National & State Parks

Jobs at National & State Parks
State and national parks often offer seasonal work for entry-level employees. College degrees and several seasons of experience are helpful for those seeking full-time work. The majority of the jobs are highly desired as they are located in pristine, outdoor environments.


There are a large variety of state and national park jobs. In small parks, employees are required to perform a variety of tasks including janitorial, public communications and ranger duties. In large parks, employees will perform specific tasks like gate attendance, ranger hikes, interpretive programs and janitorial duties.

Time Frame

The seasonal jobs at state and national parks can be for the winter or the summer season. Many parks close during the winter but parks with high attendance and opportunities for snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing will remain open.


State and national park employees are typically required to learn about the geography and natural features of the park in which they work. They must also have the ability to teach to park visitors.


Obtaining a full-time career in the state and national park system often requires employees to work several seasons and at different locations. Once a certain level of seniority is achieved, it is possible to find permanent jobs in desired locations.


State and national park jobs pay well and provide benefits for full-time employees. Finding jobs requires time and patience but eventually a solid career can be developed.

Article Written By Zach Lazzari

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